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The services from the Netherlands national coast radio station Scheveningen Radio (call sign PCH) have been stopped since january 1999. As a former merchand navy Radio Officer I have had the pleasure to make many contacts with this radio station.

On this page some sounds can be heard for those who would like to hear these radio sounds from the past. Also two photographs can be seen. The first one shows the original station near the Dutch port Scheveningen. The second photograph shows the operational building in the Dutch city of IJmuiden that was used in the last years before the station closed down. The station used remote transmitting and receiving facilities located all over The Netherlands for its contacts with ship radio stations all over the world.


Downloadable sound files:












The following sounds are available in MP3 and WAV formats..

 PCH20 is the CQ tape on the 4 MHz band CW.

 PCH41 is the CQ tape on the 8 MHz band CW.

 PCHans files are typical answers in phone to a meduim wave / shortwave (MF/HF ) call by a telephony operator.

 PCHtape is the tape run in phone when the station was closed for public service (This hapend only in the last years of operation!) For many years the staton was open 24 hours per day every day of the year.

 PCHfinal is a registration of one of the last contacts made by medium wave telphony (MF). The operator says goodbye to a ship-radio-station and wishes the crew all the best and a happy new year (1999) in the Dutch language.

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