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On this page are a number of spectograms from Low Frequency radio signals. Information about spectrograms can be found on the spectrogram page at: You can enlarge the pictures by double-clicking on each picture or select the hyperlink below the picture.

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 The spectrograms on this page have been made with the following settings:

A) Input scan settings

B) Colour settings


These settings are a little different from the settings on the spectrogram page. The audio power levels for drawing the audio frequency spectrum are now divided in to three groups. Red/yellow are the loudest signals. The blue group are signals below a ceirtain level. The green group are signals -10dB or more below the average noise level  

The first spectrogram shows a radio transmission by the Amateur station DF3LP on 137.678 kHz, received 07:30 UTC on July 25 th 1999. The second audiogram is a transmission by the Amateur station HB9ASB on 137.734 kHz, received 06:45utc on July 25th 1999. 

3) DF3LP


5) Sferics 25jul99.

Image number 5 shows the sferics conditon (lightning strikes) over Europe on july 25th. 1999.

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